Arkiv | SAN NEWS 2 2018

Seafarers less satisfied

In the last three years the level of job satisfaction at sea has decreased, according to a survey of almost 8,000 seamen in different countries conducted by the international organisation Mission to Seafarers. Overall job satisfaction fell from 6.46 (out of 10 maximum) in 2015 to 6.41 in 2016 and 6.25 in 2017. Reasons for […]

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Pirate attacks decreasing

The number of pirate attacks last year was the lowest for 22 years according to the anti-piracy agency, ICC Commercial Crime Services, on its website. In total there were 180 attacks and armed robbery on ships reported around the world, with 91 crew members taken hostage and 75 kidnapped. Three seafarers were killed and six […]

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Review of occupational injuries

Falling and slipping are by far the most common causes of accidents at sea, and the group most affected are service personnel. This is shown in a master’s thesis from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Two work environment students at KTH have studied notifications of occupational injuries in the maritime transport sector on […]

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Promotion was an eye-opener

The work environment during tank inspections has been drastically improved with a connection to the machine room ventilation system. Roshan Kandemir, ship engineer, came up with the idea. Five years ago Roshan Kandemir changed ships at Donsötank to M/T Evinco, and at the same time was promoted to ship engineer. The new job meant more […]

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Rudder failure caused ship to ground

A ship leaving the quay switched to autopilot, according to normal procedure. The ”Hydraulic Lock Alarm” sounded several times on the port steering engine without affecting steering operations, but during a starboard turn the machine suddenly steered hard to starboard. The ship started an uncontrollable starboard turn, leading to a grounding that damaged the hull […]

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Service personnel’s work environment in an easy-to-read format

The wide-ranging research project on service personnel’s work environment from 2017 has been summarised in a more accessible format. In the report entitled “Sjukt kul jobb”, some of the most important results are presented with simplified text, illustrations, graphs and tables. The research project was carried out at the Maritime University of Kalmar and was […]

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