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Laurin Maritime starting with SAN notebooks

Several of the Laurin Maritime ships use the SAN work environment notebooks. Even more of the company’s employees on board have been given the notebooks in an effort to increase reports of near-accidents and improvement suggestions.    Shipping companies can order free work environment notebooks from SAN for reporting improvement suggestions, incidents and accidents. The […]

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One year with the MLC

Just over a year has passed since the Maritime Labour Convention, MLC, entered into force on 20 August 2013. According to the safety officer and ship inspector at the Swedish Transport Agency, Mikael H. Andersson, a handful of ships visiting Sweden were banned on the grounds of breaching the MLC. ”Above all, these were due […]

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Advice from the Transport Agency for safer ECDIS navigation

     Officers must be familiar with the equipment used on board the ship.      Check that the navigation equipment has the latest program versions installed.      Check your position regularly using traditional methods.      Avoid updating the software while sailing, since errors can occur during the process. Exceptions may possibly be […]

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Electronic navigation can improve safety, but the Swedish Transport Agency warns against over-confidence in technology

Electronic navigation is fast replacing paper charts and the introduction of ECDIS is in full swing. The aim is to increase maritime safety, but there are also risks – including over-confidence in technology and unsuccessful updates. Many ships already have ECDIS (Electronic Chart Display and Information System). After a decision by the IMO (International Maritime […]

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Foresea prize established

On 5 May Andreas Hultgren was given the newly established award, the Foresea prize from Insjö/Foresea, at the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation annual awards ceremony in Stockholm. He received a prize of 5000 kronor for writing many well-formulated deviation reports during his previous duty as DP (designated person) at the Sirius shipping company.

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