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Serious mooring accident

On 27 November last year, the Swedish flagged cement ship Envik was moored in Degerhamn, Southwest Öland. When the ship was leaving port, a Filipino able seaman was crushed between the mooring cable and the mooring winch. He was severely injured and the incident is now being investigated by the Swedish Accident Investigation Authority. (LS)

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Research shows: Good indoor air quality on Swedish ships

Swedish ships have good indoor air quality and emissions values are far below the limits set by the Work Environment Authority, as shown in a report from the Swedish Environmental Research Institute, IVL. Despite the hazardous substances present on board in the form of oil mixtures, chemicals, frying smoke, perfumes and so on, the indoor […]

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Mattias Jervehed – skipper on a happy ship

”I play all possible roles, from counsellor and personnel manager to team-leader and kiosk owner.” Ship’s master Mattias Jervehed believes that the crew’s satisfaction is crucial, both for the work environment and for safety on board.  As chief officer, Mattias Jervehed is responsible for the entire work environment on Ramanda, Älvtank’s tanker. Alongside this, his […]

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Summary of safety developments

The Transport Agency spreads information regularly on important events in the industry. This page has a summary of the latest information. The full text can be read at The text below is also translated into English at Risks associated with work in confined spaces and hazardous cargoes Despite most seafarers being aware of […]

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Work environment in world class with Vågrätt

After the MeToo campaign #lättaankar, the shipping sector has joined forces under the shared slogan “Vågrätt”, translating as “with the waves,” or horizontal. The aim is to create a world-class work environment with attractive working places, free of insults and harassment. A large number of organisations are involved in this joint action. Would you like […]

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