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Playful work environment conference in Lund

It was Sweden’s turn in August to arrange the largest work environment conference in the Nordic countries, arranged annually by the Nordic Ergonomics and the Human Factor Society (NES). Lund University hosted the conference with the theme of Joy At Work and almost 150 participants from 19 different countries made sure that job satisfaction was […]

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Well-deserved rewards for work

Crews are shipping companies’ most important resource, a fact that is abundantly clear during the prize days of the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation. When the Foundation held its latest ceremony in the middle of May at the museum of photography, Fotografiska, in Stockholm, there were no less than 29 different work prizes. The range of […]

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So much better

You will no doubt have already noticed it was 60 years ago that the Maritime Joint Work Environment Council was formed, and 40 years since the first issue of SAN News went to press. When you read the formal minutes written at the SAN council meetings of the fifties and sixties and then today’s notes, […]

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