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Updated training course

Training in basic safety for personnel on board ships under 500 tonnes gross in coastal traffic will be modernised. The theory part of the training will be updated and put online for general use. This work is being led by Skärgårdsredarna (“Archipelago Shipowners”) with financial support from the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation and the Swedish […]

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More deaths, fewer injured

The number of fatalities among seafarers on ships in European waters or in other parts of the world under an EU flag has increased over the last five years. In 2015 there were 96 deaths among shipboard employees, of which just over 60 were on cargo ships. In contrast to this figure, the number of […]

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Focus on age at the work environment parliament

This year’s work environment parliament was held on 28 October in Stockholm under the heading ”Healthy Workplaces for All Ages”. The theme was about making the most of different ages’ advantages and preventing age-related restrictions in working life. The work environment parliament is an annual event arranged by the Work Environment Authority. (Work Environment Authority)

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Praise reduces sick leave 

Appreciation shown by managers is a cheap but effective part of preventing long-term sickness leave. Praise has a particularly noticeable effect on people who suffer from sleeping disorders. This has been shown by a new Danish study at NFA (National Centre for Work Environment Research) involving just over 10,000 people selected at random.    (Life […]

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