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Seafarers less satisfied

In the last three years the level of job satisfaction at sea has decreased, according to a survey of almost 8,000 seamen in different countries conducted by the international organisation Mission to Seafarers. Overall job satisfaction fell from 6.46 (out of 10 maximum) in 2015 to 6.41 in 2016 and 6.25 in 2017. Reasons for […]

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Pirate attacks decreasing

The number of pirate attacks last year was the lowest for 22 years according to the anti-piracy agency, ICC Commercial Crime Services, on its website. In total there were 180 attacks and armed robbery on ships reported around the world, with 91 crew members taken hostage and 75 kidnapped. Three seafarers were killed and six […]

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Simplified regulations

The Work Environment Authority has about 2,300 work environment regulations in 72 folders. To simplify the management of all this information, the government has proposed that the number of rules should be radically decreased, with the proviso that requirements on the work environment must not be affected. A decision on this change of regulations will […]

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New Work Environment Authority

A new work environment authority will be started up in January 2018. The aim is to gain more knowledge of the work environment at both national and international levels, and to create an organisation that can evaluate ongoing work environment policies. The authority will also support practical initiatives at workplaces. SEK 18.8 million has been […]

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Indonesia adopts the MLC

One in four employers in the transport sector say that they would find it hard to operate if they followed all the rules that apply. The information came from a survey conducted by the Work Environment Authority. A total of 3,200 employers participated from four sectors, in which transport and construction were the most vulnerable. […]

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