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Sweden best flag state

According to the Paris MOU, ships sailing under the Swedish flag are best at complying with international rules on maritime safety and security. This organisation summarises the results of port state controls around Europe each year and publishes white, grey and black lists. The rank order of flags depends on the number of shortcomings noted […]

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The scourge of piracy continues

Everyone is glad to see that the number of hijacked ships and crew hostages off the Somali coast is falling. Unfortunately this does not mean that piracy in other parts of the world is decreasing. The most recent report from the International Maritime Bureau (IMB), published at the beginning of February, shows the opposite. The […]

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Maritime health in Denmark

As usual, there was a wide choice of lectures at the work environment conference in Nyborg, Denmark. After careful thought, I decided to go to the following: The Health Life Cycle of the Filipino Seafarer Dr Antonio Abaya, researcher at Health Metric Inc, has studied ill health among Filipino seamen over a five-year period. Out […]

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Too little sleep threatens maritime safety

The Paris MOU region (Europe and North America) arranged a resting hours campaign in the autumn. The campaign was in progress between the 1 September and the 31 November, with inspections on 4041 vessels. A total of 912 deficiencies under the Act on Periods of Rest for Seafarers were registered and 16 ships were detained. […]

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Leadership in Nyborg, Denmark

In August SAN’s Danish sister organisation, Seahealth, held its annual conference in Nyborg. And just as the previous year, the 2014 conference was fantastic. The theme was leadership and there was a wide variety of exciting and interesting lectures to choose between. The conference was opened by Rasmus Dahlberg, who spoke about human factors in […]

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Day of the Seafarer

On 25 June, the Day of the Seafarer will be celebrated for the fourth year in a row. The day was established by the IMO (International Maritime Organization) to increase awareness of all the people working in global shipping and to show them appreciation. This year the IMO is running a campaign in various social […]

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