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Review of occupational injuries

Falling and slipping are by far the most common causes of accidents at sea, and the group most affected are service personnel. This is shown in a master’s thesis from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm. Two work environment students at KTH have studied notifications of occupational injuries in the maritime transport sector on […]

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Vibrating tools cause injuries

Limit of 24 minutes for chipping rust, and 27 minutes for angle grinders. The risk of permanent injury increases after these time periods. Hans Pettersson, who works with noise and vibration at Umeå University, explained the figures. Vibration is now the most common cause of occupational injury among workers insured through AFA. People affected are […]

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Blue light and increased alertness

Being exposed to the right light at the right time can improve the quality of sleep and increase alertness during night-time work. This information comes from a new report by SSPA. Sleep is a problem for many seamen. Watch hours and night work disrupt our body clocks (natural 24-hour rhythms), the ship is always moving […]

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Long watches reduce motivation

Sleep deprivation is not a major problem on ships with a three-watch system. However, motivation decreases during long watches and may affect the social environment on board. This is described in the final report from the extensive research project called Martha. Tiredness and fatigue among crews on board three-watch ships on European and deep sea […]

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Joined forces for better marine research

The new Lighthouse project plans to strengthen Swedish marine research by making use of joined forces. One of the participants is the Swedish Mercantile Marine Foundation, which ensures that issues concerning seafarers’ working environment are not forgotten. The new Lighthouse project was launched at the end of the year. Unlike its predecessor, which was more […]

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SOS are looking for new research vessels

The recently started research project Stress On Ships (SOS) aims to make officers and crew want to work longer at sea through better preparation. The ambition is to provide future sailors with a better understanding of work and life at sea at the training stage. In addition to Sweden (via Chalmers University of Technology), Italy, […]

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