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Falsified and broken pilot ladders

The Transport Agency has issued a Safety Alert that false MED certificates for pilot ladders are in circulation. The falsification has been carried out within the framework of the Marine Equipment Directive 2014/90/EU and ships wheel markings. Bureau Veritas Marine & Offshore SAS has not issued this MED certificate and the producer is not Marine […]

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Fixed fire extinguishing equipment

The Transport Agency has received two reports of fixed fire extinguishing equipment that has not worked as intended. In one of the cases the Agency has issued a Safety Alert. The problem was that a newer version of the sprinkler nozzle did not fit properly into the original brackets. This prevented full system pressure from […]

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Safer helicopter procedures on board

Börje Jansson, repairman, has found a method of easily and safely draining condensation water from helicopter fuel tanks. “The other repairmen who do this job think it’s great,” he says. Now and then, the Swedish Maritime Administration icebreaker Atle has a helicopter landing on it. It could be a visitor, a delivery of spare parts […]

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