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Safer helicopter procedures on board

Börje Jansson, repairman, has found a method of easily and safely draining condensation water from helicopter fuel tanks. “The other repairmen who do this job think it’s great,” he says. Now and then, the Swedish Maritime Administration icebreaker Atle has a helicopter landing on it. It could be a visitor, a delivery of spare parts […]

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Information on life jackets

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK) has observed how life jackets operate in various conditions, and the importance of maintenance and knowing the advantages and disadvantages of different types of life jackets. The text below is taken directly from the final report by SHK, RS 2016:08 Öring and barge capsizes in the Göta river. The […]

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Crush injuries to hands and arms

A frequently recurring type of accident in shipping is crush injuries to hands and arms in connection with loading, mooring, maintenance work in the engine room and on deck, and also among service personnel. Crush injuries can have major consequences for those affected in the form of amputations, reduced mobility and long recovery times. We […]

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Risks when navigating in the archipelago with reduced visibility

The Transport Agency takes up two cases of faulty navigation in the archipelago which underline the importance of knowing the navigation equipment on board well, keeping it in good condition so that it works correctly, and planning the voyage carefully, even if the crew are familiar with the passage and the surrounding area. Case 1 […]

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