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Service personnel’s work environment in an easy-to-read format

The wide-ranging research project on service personnel’s work environment from 2017 has been summarised in a more accessible format. In the report entitled “Sjukt kul jobb”, some of the most important results are presented with simplified text, illustrations, graphs and tables. The research project was carried out at the Maritime University of Kalmar and was […]

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Digital subscription

Starting this year, you can subscribe to a digital version of SAN News. Go to our website,, and fill in your details to get the magazine sent to your e-mail address as a PDF. Subscribing to the digital version does not affect your subscription for the paper version. If you only want the newspaper […]

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Questionnaire on the social work environment

Prevent, the work environment organisation, has drawn up a questionnaire for investigations into the psycho-social work environment. It includes questions about all aspects, from the volume of work and how much people can influence things to support from managers and general well-being. The survey can be downloaded from Prevent’s website. There is also a short […]

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Ergonomics on board – the film

Don’t spend all your leave recovering just to cope with the next shift! That is the message in seven short films on ergonomics produced for SAN’s Danish sister organisation, Seahealth. The films take up issues such as heavy lifting and awkward postures, and give advice on what you should think over before lifting.

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Book the SAN conference now!

If you’ve not yet booked the autumn SAN conference, it’s high time to do it now. The theme this time is the Organisational and Social Working Environment – a Challenge for the Shipping Industry. We will be talking about how the new regulation can be put into practice when working on board. We will also […]

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Subscribe to safety information

The Swedish Transport Agency summarises information about safety-related events four times a year (also published in SAN News). Starting this year, you can get your own subscription and have information sent directly to your inbox if you wish. Go to:

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