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Simplified regulations

The Work Environment Authority has about 2,300 work environment regulations in 72 folders. To simplify the management of all this information, the government has proposed that the number of rules should be radically decreased, with the proviso that requirements on the work environment must not be affected. A decision on this change of regulations will […]

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Work environment manager at Seko Seafarers – More training needed

The physical work environment is often quite good on Swedish ships, but more involvement in psychosocial issues is needed according to Pelle Andersson, work environment manager at Seko Seafarers. About one year ago he started as work environment manager at Seko Seafarers. The issues were already familiar after his years as a seaman and safety […]

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Swedish Accident Investigation Authority

The Swedish Accident Investigation Authority (SHK) is an authority responsible for investigating all types of serious civil and military accidents and incidents from a safety standpoint, whether on land, at sea or in the air. Ongoing and published investigations concerning civilian shipping are available on the SHK website: Published final reports Civilian Shipping 2017 […]

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Lessons learned from accidents and incidents

An accident investigation published by an investigative authority is sent to the UN organization, IMO (International Maritime Organization), where it is reviewed by a working group that tries to find common factors which could prevent future accidents. The group also briefly describe each event from the operator’s point of view, i.e. from a perspective that […]

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Falls overboard

The Swedish Transport Agency has received a number of reports during the year about passengers and crew members who have fallen in the water when working on board or during embarkation/disembarkation. On one occasion, a small dry loader was at a quay in northern Sweden and the crew were opening the hold covers prior to […]

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Digital subscription

Starting this year, you can subscribe to a digital version of SAN News. Go to our website,, and fill in your details to get the magazine sent to your e-mail address as a PDF. Subscribing to the digital version does not affect your subscription for the paper version. If you only want the newspaper […]

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