Safety Library

AFS – Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations
SJÖFS – Swedish Maritime Administration regulations
TSFS – Swedish Transport Agency regulations
AV – Swedish Work Environment Authority

A well-stocked safety library is necessary to ensure good work environment management onboard. Crewmembers must easily be able to find information about the requirements laid down in laws and ordinances, and how different tasks at work can be performed in a correct and safe manner.

Relevant literature must be kept onboard. The type of literature varies, depending on the activities carried out on the ship.

The following documents MUST be available for crewmembers onboard:

Work Environment Act (AML), SFS 1977:1160
Work Environment Ordinance (AMF), SFS 1977:1166
Ship Safety Act (FSL), SFS 2003:364
Ship Safety Ordinance (FSF), SFS 2003:438
Merchant Shipping Act, 1994:1009
Seaman’s Act, 1973:282
Swedish Work Environment Authority regulations (AFS) as required
Swedish Maritime Administration/Swedish Transport Agency regulations (SJÖFS/TSFS) as required

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