Work environment at sea


When we refer to work environment at SAN, we use the phrase in its widest sense. The traditional areas such as noise, vibrations, ergonomics and protective equipment are obviously included. But we also work to improve the psycho-social environment in which factors such as leadership, general well-being, communication, working hours, diet, exercise and drugs are included.

Employees on ships often enjoy working at sea very much. Freedom, team spirit, exciting tasks and long periods off are much appreciated and many seamen find it difficult to imagine exchanging their life at sea for a job ashore. However, working at sea can also include strains, both physical and psychological.

Ships are workplaces that are in constant motion and where the risk of accidents is relatively high. Duties sometimes include heavy lifting work, contact with chemical substances and high noise levels, and great awareness and knowledge is required to avoid unnecessary risks.   Some people think it is difficult to be away from family and friends, and facilities for communicating with those at home are valued highly.

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