Noise and vibrations

Noise and vibrations. Photo: Nordic photography competition for seamen, Per-Olov Sandman

Noise and vibrations are common problems onboard. Powerful engines not only create high sound levels in the machine room, but also generate vibrations which are propagated through the ship. For those people working on loading decks, noise from trailers and other load carriers can cause problems.

Dishwashing causes a lot of noise on ferries, and personnel working in bars and nightclubs are subjected to high noise levels from music systems and live shows.

To decrease the risk of impaired hearing and other injuries as a result of noise and vibrations, it is important to use protective equipment – which must be available onboard. Development of hearing protection has made great progress in recent years and many different models are now available, from ear defenders that filter out harmful noise but allow normal conversation to pass through, to small personal ear protectors manufactured to the individual shape of people’s auditory canals.

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