Work environment course

Interactive course – Better work environment at sea – in Swedish and English
Better work environment at sea is an interactive course developed by SAN. It is mainly aimed at people who work onboard Swedish flagged ships, but everyone involved in work environment management on ships will find the course useful. The contents are based on the work environment manual for shipping, and by doing the course you can test how well you know the rules and recommendations onboard. You don’t have to do the whole course at one time – you can log out after a number of chapters and then go back when you have time. The course is free and open to everybody. For those of you who don’t already have a company ID with Shipgaz, click on ”Do you want to create an account?” and then register in three steps. In step three, select ”Other company or organization.” If you need help, just contact the Shipgaz marketing department: 031-712 17 70. Good luck!

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