”A good atmosphere is most important”

Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.

Every year, a large number of seafarers graduate from universities and colleges and go to sea. SAN News has spoken with some of the students who will soon be ready for working life about their expectations of future jobs.

1.9For marine engineer student Filip Andrén, the crew is by far the most important factor when he starts work.

“If there are good people on board that get along together, it doesn’t matter too much if the boat is old,” he says.

Filip Andrén, 25, has been out on three placements and in general he thought it was a good experience. The key factor was the atmosphere on board.

“If there are conflicts and no cooperation, it gets to you. If you have to count down the days until you sign off on leave, a couple of months is a very long time,” he says.

Good team spirit is what Filip thinks is the most important thing when he looks for a job after college, but there are other things he values, too.

Work environment important

“A nice cabin and a comfortable, fresh bed is always good to have – after all, you are living there. And a good internet connection that works well. I have been on ships where it took a whole day to send an e-mail. Of course, it’s nice not to be on-line the whole time, but then you have to have someone at home that can help to pay your bills and other practical things.”

Filip is studying in his third year at the Kalmar Maritime Academy. He says that the work environment is something that is often discussed during lessons, and he wants the engine room to be clean, tidy and safe.

“The work environment is really important and I would not want to work on a ship that does not have good protective equipment.”

“In practical terms, I would like to have good tools. Working with bad tools is the pits.”

He would really like to be able to exercise, too.

“A gym is important. I train a lot at home and I would like to keep it up when I am at sea as well.”

Linda Sundgren

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