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Coronavirus: Most coronaviruses are found in different animal species, but only seven of them are infected between animals and humans. Four of these are common in humans and cause colds. In late 2019, covid-19 – a new coronavirus – was discovered in China.

Seasonal flu compared to covid-19: The two disorders are similar in many ways and give similar symptoms. The vast majority of those infected get only mild symptoms, but a small group becomes very poor and deaths occur for both seasonal flu and covid-19. But covid-19 affects significantly more people in a population where it is spreading. The rapid and wide spread of infection is due to the fact that no one in the population has been able to develop immunity to this new virus variant. Therefore, more people are getting sick and more people need hospital care than when the seasonal flu comes.

Symptom: Cough, fever, difficulty breathing, sniff, nasal congestion, sore throat, headache, nausea, muscle and joint pain. Diarrhea also occurs. It is also quite common to lose a sense of smell and taste for some time.

Incubation period: It can take between two and fourteen days from the time of infection to covid-19 disease. Most people become ill after five days.

Course of the disease: The majority of those who suffer from illness get mild symptoms such as fever and cough and heal within a couple of weeks. Seriously ill get breathing difficulties with quick breathing and low oxygenation of the blood and may need intensive care in respirator. A majority of those who fall ill become healthy again. According to international studies, one to two percent die. However, this figure may in reality be lower since not all the infected are known by the authorities.

Personal protection: Use of mouthguards outside care is not recommended in normal situations. Instead, keep social distance, both indoors and outdoors, and be sure to wash your hands. Avoid piercing the mouth, eyes or nose. Cough and sneeze in the arm fold. Use hand spirit.

Source: The Public Health Agency

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