Advice from the Transport Agency for safer ECDIS navigation

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  •      Officers must be familiar with the equipment used on board the ship.
  •      Check that the navigation equipment has the latest program versions installed.
  •      Check your position regularly using traditional methods.
  •      Avoid updating the software while sailing, since errors can occur during the process. Exceptions may possibly be made if the ship is far out at sea.
  •      Sign a contract with a sea chart files provider, because without this you do not have an approved ECDIS.
  •      Look out around the ship and trust what you see. If markers, buoys and the coastline are not consistent with the information in ECDIS, the system probably has incorrect data.
  •      Update the ship’s route at regular intervals.
  •      If the navigator feels unsure of the sea chart on the screen, he should run the test made by the IHO and report any errors that are detected.
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