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The Maritime Court has made a judgement in a case in which a marine survey ship and a fishing vessel were involved in a near miss. The circumstances were as follows. The survey ship was making measurements at the time, and thus had a limited capacity for manoeuvring and was displaying visual signals to indicate this fact. Onboard the fishing vessel the crew were sorting the catch at the same time as checking the surroundings and navigating by going up to the bridge at 15 minute intervals. The fishing vessel’s speed was approximately 8 knots and visibility was good. The survey ship called the fishing vessel on VHF radio when it was realised that a near miss situation could arise, but received no reply. A horn was then sounded, and the captain of the fishing vessel ran up to the bridge. He could see that the survey ship had made a turn and that there was no longer a risk of collision. The court stated that the fishing vessel had an obligation to turn (rule 18 c) and that the crew had not kept watch in accordance with the regulations. The captain of the fishing vessel was fined for carelessness in marine traffic.

SLma Gbg case no. B 7206-12 

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