Ethics and morals included in new course

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2Basic values are emphasised in a new course for seafarers that should be ready at the beginning of next year. It is aimed at all seafarers who have trainees on their ships.
It was a long time ago that sailors on Swedish ships were synonymous with heterosexual, white, middle-aged men. As early as 1961, the first woman started at the Maritime Academy in Kalmar and a mix of nationalities on board has long been the case. Yet a recent study in the shipping industry shows that abuse and harassment are relatively common. The Committee for Training and Recruitment is working with Chalmers University of Technology and Linnaeus University in a course about diversity on board and increasing respect for each other. The project manager is Per Barkman, former employee at Sirius Shipping’s personnel department.
”The industry is steeped in old traditions and we want to change that. The course is about ethics and morals and will take up respect for gender, religion, political orientation, ethnicity, colour and figure,” he explains.
The course is aimed at all employees on ships with students.
”In fact, I believe that the problems we see today will be solved automatically in 20 years’ time. The students on our shipping courses today will not accept the outdated views that sometimes exist on board ships. But we can’t wait that long, which is why we are starting this initiative.” The course will be free of charge and available in both Swedish and English.
Linda Sundgren

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