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While work was ongoing with a liner and piston on one of the main engines, hot cooling water started to leak in large volumes, resulting in a black-out. For some reason not yet completely understood, the valve for separating cooling water between the engine being serviced and the other machinery (HM, HjM), which had recently been maintained, did not operate. When the cooling water pressure dropped, the other machines stopped. One person was scalded but, according to information, is now back at work.  In technical terms, SJÖFS 2008:81 had been complied with (concerning machine installation, electrical installation and periodically unattended engine rooms) Chapter 3 Section 2, General advice: The cooling water system should be designed in such a way that a single failure in the pipe system or in the pumps can be isolated so that cooling efficiency can be maintained or quickly restored.” The malfunctioning valve was intended to provide precisely this safety barrier. One of the lessons learned from the event is that, before this type of work is started, a procedure should be established and followed in which the system is checked for leaks and separation.

SLMA TS info 4/2013 event 1.

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