Fewer chemicals on board gave SAN prize

Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.

San-konferens 2013 025s
The SAN day began with the customary awarding of the year’s SAN prize by the chairman, Lars Andersson. It went to Annelie Rusth Jensen on Viking Supply Ships. Here is the jury’s justification:
This year’s SAN prizewinner has shown how simple measures can achieve major improvements. She is given the award for her extensive work in creating a cleaner and safer work environment for the company’s shipboard personnel. Thanks to her genuine commitment and impressive driving force, the use of hazardous chemicals has decreased dramatically on the company’s ships. On some ships the consumption of cleaning liquids has fallen by 90% and significantly less harmful glues and paints are used than in the past. The number of products has also become fewer and the same products are now used on all the ships. Dosing devices have been installed and the shipowner has produced clear information sheets which explain what a product contains and what protective equipment it requires. The work has been carried out in close cooperation with crews, and everyone has had the opportunity of expressing their opinions.
Linda Sundgren

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