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On 18 November the experience database contained 3,009 reports.
Below is an example of an incident that, at the time, may have seemed undramatic and just part of ”a normal day on the job”. The consequences of this type of simple mistake can, however, have tremendous implications for lives, goods and the environment. The Transport Agency therefore wishes to draw attention to the importance of reporting this type of incident.
Automatic engine shutdown
In the middle of casting off, the main engine was automatically shut down. Thanks to a favourable wind direction and wind speed, the ship was able to remain in ”non-hazardous” mode without any more unpleasant surprises. The reason that the engine stopped was an oil lubricating valve that was not fully opened after work on oil cleaning.  The fault was detected relatively quickly and on this occasion the engine could be restarted and casting off could continue. The checklist was supplemented with procedures for this type of work.

Foresea ID: 2388

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