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The Transport Agency’s decision to close down the project was for several reasons. One is that it is not the task of the Transport Agency to determine service intervals on life-rafts that do not correspond with what the manufacturers guarantee. In recent years, the trend in the industry has gone so far that some manufacturers have guaranteed a longer service interval for life-rafts than the 24 months approved by the Transport Agency. This is because in the last few years, new procedures have been developed internationally and the concept of packing and annual checks introduced where the service interval is 30 months or longer. In the Transport Agency’s work with the new functionally-based rules for ships and boats in national commercial service, the manufacturers’ guaranteed service intervals are an alternative to the 12-month service interval. The amendment of existing regulations concerning service intervals can come into force by the end of 2015. Already decided service intervals for life-rafts, which were granted by the previous Maritime Safety Inspectorate and later by the Transport Agency will remain valid until the year and month stipulated in these decisions. Applications for service intervals extended to 24 months that were received before 28 February 2015 will be treated in accordance with the new rules.

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