How do you work with risk management?

Martin Carlweitz, chief mate at Trans Pulp, Elisabeth Barkarmo, personnel and security officer at Charterfrakt Baltic Carrier AB and Tobias Chronéer, captain of Viking Cinderella.
Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.

martinMartin Carlweitz, chief mate at Trans Pulp
”We go through one area at a time and use checklists to avoid over-
looking things. We look at the risk of exposure and the seriousness of the consequences if something occurs. We really ought to do this once a month, but we tend to make risk assessments of several areas one after each other, and then it might take a while before we do the next assessment.”

elisabethElisabeth Barkarmo, personnel and security officer at Charterfrakt Baltic Carrier AB
”We work a lot with risk assessments using ISM, SAM, SMS and employee calls. Before a shipyard visit or major changes, we always perform an analysis of possible risks. Minutes from meetings and other documentation are always reported to the office. As the SMS receiver, I try to be onboard about one week every year to work with these issues, as well as to gain an insight into the daily lives of the crew and the
psychosocial work environment.”
tobiasTobias Chronéer, captain of Viking Cinderella
”We have recently made an update of all our risk analyses onboard. We had a steering group consisting of personnel from offices and ships that was responsible for the work. The update was made to obtain a more uniform view of what a risk is. Previously there was a great difference between evaluations. In an engine room, for example, some had assessed that there were no risks at all, while working at the cash till in the tax-free shop almost involved mortal danger.”
Linda Sundgren

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