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A ship was at berth for maintenance and the ship’s aerial access platform was being used for work on the bow ramp. A crewman slackened the safety rope and began to lower the platform. At a height of two to three metres a metallic clang was heard and the platform tipped forward; the man was thrown out and fell onto the deck. His skull was fractured, he had concussion and compression injuries to his spine. The hydraulic piston that regulated the tilt of the platform had completely sheared off. The access platform had been inspected and approved according to regulations, but it was manufactured in 1989 and had been well used since then. According to the shipping company’s investigation, the reason for the accident was that the material was old and suffered from metal fatigue. As a result they have decided to stop using their own equipment and hire from specialist companies instead. Moreover, the safety line was not connected correctly and did not secure the man after he had slackened it off.

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