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In 2019 there were 34 people injured in marine accidents and 68 general injuries. In the case of marine accidents, the most common injuries over a number of years involve crushing. They often lead to fractures and amputations, which we have discussed many times in this publication. Such injuries often occur in connection with mooring work or loading and unloading. Falling from heights and falling from ladders is also a relatively frequent cause of injury. This type of accident also causes fractures and sprains, with time off sick as a result. General injuries in the local work environment take place for the most part among service personnel. The most common category of accident is slipping, often in the restaurant or the galley when something is spilled on the floor. It also happens when there are no routines to warn other staff that the floor has been cleaned and is still wet. This type of accident often causes injuries to ankles and wrists, which in turn result in time off sick. Falls in stairways are also fairly common, often occurring when people are stressed and running to get things done in a rush due to the pressure of work. Crushing accidents are frequent, usually when passing through automatic doors or when fetching equipment from storage rooms. Lastly there are a number of injuries reported in connection with strain, involving repetitive movements and heavy lifting. Examples of this are cleaning cabins, stocking food and unpacking goods in shops and restaurants on board.

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