Laurin Maritime starting with SAN notebooks

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Several of the Laurin Maritime ships use the SAN work environment notebooks. Even more of the company’s employees on board have been given the notebooks in an effort to increase reports of near-accidents and improvement suggestions.   

Shipping companies can order free work environment notebooks from SAN for reporting improvement suggestions, incidents and accidents. The idea of the notebooks is to ease the flow of information between ships and offices ashore. They are a handy size that fits into a normal pocket, and the printed text is in both Swedish and English. One of the companies that uses the work environment notebooks is Laurin Maritime, based in Gothenburg.

”Getting the crews to report near-accidents and deviations to us is key to safety work,” says Carl-Johan Eriksson at the shipping company’s quality department. ”It really is necessary if we’re going to prevent accidents, and the work environment notebook is very useful in this respect.”

”But there’s a lot of information that doesn’t reach the shipping company,” says Carl Johan, who recently started working ashore after eight years as chief mate.

”The worst part of the information flow is probably getting staff to report near-accidents – things that worked out OK but could have been much worse.”

At the end of the summer the shipping company decided to try to improve the reporting of incidents by providing all employees on the Amorina with a notebook each.

”Amorina is in the South Atlantic now, and it will be some time before the consignment reaches them and they can start using the notebooks, but in a few months we hope to see some results,” he says.

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