Maritime work environment manual to be digitized and renamed

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For a number of years now, the maritime work environment manual has been available as a folder for purchase with a subscription for updates via Prevent. The manual has also been available as a PDF file. We are now taking the next step and making the manual fully digital. In this way it will be more easily accessible. Subscribing for updates will be unnecessary since they will be added automatically to the online manual.
The digital manual is accessible in most browsers and works for desktop PCs as well as laptops, tablets and smartphones. The only requirement is an internet connection. For those who want to print out certain pages or quickly navigate to a specific place, this is easily done via the table of contents with links to each chapter. For those who are interested, there are links to related laws and regulations on the relevant authority’s website. The normal PDF file is also updated regularly with support for simple navigation with links in the menu and links to related laws and regulations. Both documents are updated on an ongoing basis. They are administered via Breakwater Publishing and are available on the SAN website under the tab ”Handbook”. It is also possible to subscribe for updates by filling in your e-mail address. An e-mail will then be sent to you whenever an update is available. At the same time as digitizing the publication, SAN decided to change the name of the manual to the Maritime Work Environment Handbook. We hope that you think the handbook is more user-friendly now, as we do in the Working Group.
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