Measures to increase incident reporting

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Reporting of incidents in the maritime transport sector is low, and only a few incidents are reported to the Swedish Transport Agency each year. Information on incidents is an important source of information for the Agency’s proactive safety work, where trends can be analysed and measures taken before an accident occurs. The Transport Agency has identified ten or so different measures to increase the frequency of reporting which, among other things, include a review of the regulatory framework and activities to develop safety and the reporting culture in the maritime transport sector. An important issue regarding rules, which also comes up frequently in dialogues with the industry, is confidentiality of reports and protection of the person reporting. The Transport Agency has investigated how the secrecy law is applied and has adopted a more restrictive approach to the disclosure of certain information in the reports with reference to the paragraphs relating to the reporting of incidents and accidents in the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act (2009:400). The Transport Agency has also started an e-service to make the reporting of incidents and accidents easier.

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