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The maritime sector is worse at reporting incidents than other transport modes. The Transport Agency wants to change this and is planning a number of measures to increase the frequency of reports.
In aviation, 150 incidents are reported for each accident and in rail transport the corresponding figure is eight. In the maritime sector, the corresponding figure is only 0.2, which means that we report fewer incidents than accidents. After talks with the industry, the Transport Agency is planning a series of measures to encourage the reporting of incidents.
”Stricter confidentiality requirements, simplified reports and more feedback of information are some of the measures we have discussed. We made similar changes in aviation a few years ago and they led to more incident reports,” says Daniel Hellström, head of the section for statistics and analysis at the maritime and aviation department.
By encouraging more incident reports, the Agency hopes to focus supervision and regulations more on the basis of actual risks.
”This is very important for the development of all our continued maritime safety work,” says Daniel Hellström.

Linda Sundgren

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