Meet the SAN board members

In a number of issues we have a presented members of the SAN board, and here you can meet three more.
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In a number of issues we have a presented members of the SAN board, and here you can meet three more. The Maritime Joint Work Environment Council, SAN, is an organ for cooperation between unions and employers and was formed in 1955. The board has a chairman, eight permanent members and three co-opted members, all with specialised knowledge of the work environment at sea. You can read more about SAN’s work at

transportgruppen-jan-arvidssonJan Arvidsson,
permanent member

After several years as a safety engineer in occupational health care, in 1999 Jan started with the Transport Group, an employers’ organization in Swedish trade and industry. He works there mainly in providing advice on the work environment for managers and supervisors in goods and passenger transport, including shipping with the Swedish Shipowners Employers’ Association. Jan has been a board member of SAN since 2007. He thinks that SAN is a good platform for parties to meet and collaborate on safety issues. He sees the fact that he works with several different industries in his daily work in the Transport Agency as a great advantage, because it gives him the opportunity of spreading good ideas and experience between different modes of transport.
marzeliusJohan Marzelius,
permanent member

During his everyday life Johan works with work environment issues at the Swedish Officers’ Federation (SBF) Göteborg office. He trained to be a captain and served as an officer on a training ship for a few years before he went ashore in 2004 and started to work in the union.
At the beginning of his shipping career he served in crew positions for almost ten years. The same year that Johan joined SBF, he became a deputy on the SAN board. From 1 February this year, he has been a member of the Swedish Ship Officers’ Association (SFBF). It was possible since the two officers’ unions started cooperating to form a single union in the long term.
lennart-karlsson-marinen-001Lennart Karlsson,
co-opted member

As director of the maritime safety section and chairman of the Swedish Armed Forces’ Ship Environment Board, Lennart works with maritime safety and work environment issues onboard. The Armed Forces have more vessels on order with a new submarine series, a signals intelligence ship and two large support vessels, and Lennart is trying to ensure that the work environment is safeguarded in the design of the new vessels. Since a year or so back, he has been a co-opted member of the SAN board. He notes that the navy and merchant shipping are both facing several similar problem areas such as noise, work injuries and fatigue, and that they have much to learn from each other.

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