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A ship was in the process of mooring. A seaman was on the foredeck with his relief, who was undergoing introduction. The mate was on the quay and put the hawsers on the bollards. The aim was to moor using a after bow spring line, a bow line, a forward quarter spring line and a stern line in that order. When the bow spring line was in place and the mate had the bow line on the bollard, the bow line was going to be wound in. When it was stretched, it loosened from the roller fairlead and hit the seaman on the chest, face and head. The seaman was injured and an ambulance had to be called. It turned out that the hawser had been put on the wrong side of the roller fairlead and was only held in place by a guide pin (there only to prevent the hawser from falling down onto the deck when slack). When the hawser was wound in it put pressure on the guide pin, which came loose.

SFu 06.05.02 TSS 2012-4103

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