Mooring accidents retrieved in Insjö/ForeSea

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Problems during mooring can be confirmed by a search in the industry’s accident and incident reporting system, Insjö/ForeSea. Here are couple of examples of mooring accidents retrieved from the system.
Man killed when brake released
During mooring work when passing locks, the ship began to move aft and the after bow spring line was stretched. The drum on which the line was laid was braked and disengaged because the cam was being used for another hawser. A crewman went forward to release the brake, which caused the line to run out of control. The rear end came loose and struck the crewman on the head. He was thrown against the base of the capstan and died immediately. The crucial factor was that the brake was released when the capstan was disengaged and there was a large force on the mooring line.
Insjö/ForeSea id 684
Broken hawser led to improved procedures
During mooring work, the eye on an after bow spring line broke. The end was thrown up onto the forecastle and almost hit the bosun. He was unscathed, but the end of the hawser hit an open manhole cover, which was damaged. The incident was due to the eye on the hawser being worn. Since the accident, routines have been introduced to regularly check the hawsers and a proposal has been made for a protective bar around the place where the capstan is controlled.
Insjö/ForeSea id 38
Mooring arrangement on the forecastle. In this example there is a good deal of space
See also the following link about accidents during mooring. LP%20Documents/LP_Reports/Understanding- MooringIncidents.pdf

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