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Are you engaged in any form of commercial activity with your ship? In other words, do you use your ship professionally? Then you may be included in the Swedish Transport Agency’s National Regulations Project (PNF).
What are its objectives?
The aim of the project is to develop a modern, functionally based regulatory framework with associated supervisory systems. It is proposed that the regulations should include all ships used for commercial activities, while the supervisory system will cover all vessels from five metres and upwards that are used in commercial activities and which do not require an international certificate. The new limit for certificates proposed will be changed from 20 gross to 15 metres for merchant ships, and for pleasure craft from 100 gross to 24 metres. The current regulatory framework for the smallest vessels is not uniform, so it is difficult for shipping companies or owners to see what is applicable for their own ships; nor is it always appropriate for the type of ship. Another explicit goal is that you must be able to show that you comply with the regulatory framework if a check is made by the authority. In order to achieve the objectives, a system is proposed that, to a large extent, is based on self-regulation.
When are the rules expected to enter into force?
The Swedish Transport Agency is planning to have the functionally-based rules and the new regulatory system complete and ready to enter into force by 1 January 2017. Ships will then be phased into the system, which is proposed to take place over a period of five years.
Do you have any questions?
If there is anything you wonder about the project and its content, you can visit the Transport Agency’s website: The project will continuously inform readers about its ongoing work through the web page, trade magazines and other channels within the shipping industry.

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