Newly revised work environment file to help in daily work

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The Work Environment for Shipping is a summary of the work environment on board and how work at sea can be carried out in a safe and healthy way. The first edition was published several decades ago, but there have been many developments since then, and every year a working group within the board at SAN carries out a thorough review to up-date the contents. The working group consists of Matserik Eriksson, Stena Line Scandinavia; Karl-Arne Johansson, SEKO Seafarers; Cecilia Österman, Linnaeus University; and Eva Ohlsson, Swedish Shipowners’ Employer Association. Together they go through all the sections in the file, remove outdated text and add new sections. The file can be used in various ways on board. On some ships it is used as a basis for safety committee meetings. Others use it more as a reference and to keep track of legal requirements regarding the work environment on board. There is a newly revised edition for 2014 available for ordering. One change is that the checklists under tab 8 can be filled in and saved. Use the tab key to move between different fields. To save the document, go to File/Save and enter a new document name. The file is available as a PDF at the SAN website: It can also be ordered from Prevent at
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