Pirate batteries for GMDSS equipment noted on the European market

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The Transport Agency wants to inform seafarers and ship owners that replacement batteries not guaranteed by the manufacturer or the body which approved the product may affect the product’s type-approval. In general, people should be aware that pirate products or third-party products may be improperly marked and not comply with the Council Directive 96/98/EC of 20 December 1996 on marine equipment (MED 96/98/EC on correct marking).
If there is any doubt, contact the manufacturer or check whether the stated approval really exists with the body indicated.
Sources: Lloyd´s Register Classification News No. 14/2013, 26 June 2013                                                      Link: https://www.cdlive.lr.org/information/Documents/classnews/2013/CN1413.pdf
Bureau Veritas also recognises the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI) Safety Notice on the link below, 23 May 2013:

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