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The Transport Agency has drawn attention to a number of events which have occurred during cargo handling with a crane on bulk and dry cargo ships. When unloading timber from cargo hatch number two on a ship, the crane had to swing over cargo hatch number one to reach the dock. A member of the deck crew was cleaning the holds when the crane swung over and some logs slipped out from the grip. One of the logs hit the crewman, who had to take sick leave due to the injuries sustained. The Transport Agency wishes to remind seafarers of the importance of good communication and clear procedures between stevedores and ships.

Another event occurred in connection with the transfer of bulk cargo between two ships. The load fell over the bucket and the crane jammed. It was decided to try to pull out the bucket using another crane. A volunteer was sent down to secure the bucket to the other crane’s bucket with chains. The person then climbed into the bucket that was intended to lift the stuck bucket and secured himself with a safety harness. When the lifting started, the ship heeled due to the swell. One of the chains broke and the lifting bucket tipped, and despite his safety harness the crewman fell, fracturing his hip as a result. A similar event is being investigated by Swedish Accident Investigation Authority. The arm on one of the ship’s cranes collapsed and dropped into the hold during loading.

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