Safety, health and environment at conference in Nyborg

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The Marine Conference on safety, health and environment held in Nyborg in August was very well organised with interesting topics. Below is a short summary.

An investigation by Henrik L. Hansen at the National Board of Health in Denmark showed that western seamen are not as good as their comrades from eastern European states and Asia when it comes to safety and work environment orientation. Nordic seamen on Danish ships have far more accidents onboard than seamen from Russia and the Philippines, for example.
Another interesting lecture was about the telephone call that everyone dreads, in which Charlotte Breinholt from AP Möller-Maersk talked about the call she received when her husband had been injured in an explosion.

Danes want to modernise more

The conference also took up the issue of Danish quality shipping, its status and visions.
The Danish Maritime Authority described its ambition to turn its domestic fleet into the largest in the world. They want to continue modernising and researching into various areas connected with shipping to keep the world’s most modern national register.
Another subject discussed was the short-term and long-term consequences of the crisis in the shipping industry.
Jan-Fritz Hansen of the Danish ­Ship­owners’ Association considered that Denmark was well-equipped for this crisis, but that shipping – in common with all modes of transport – will feel the pinch for some years in the form of lower freight rates and cancellation of some orders for new ships.
Karl-Arne Johansson,
SEKO Seafarers
SAN’s editorial group

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