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An easy method of raising awareness and vigilance on board is to use self-monitoring. In the nuclear power industry they have the STARC concept, which is an approach based on self-monitoring and a working model of how to do things in the right order in an organised way.

S – Stop. Improve your overall view, increase attention to detail.

T – Think. Look over the task and the expected result.

A – Act. Perform the task reviewed.

R – Reflect. Compare the result with what was expected.

C – Communicate. Tell your colleagues about how the task was performed and the result.

Other working methods that can be used are Pre-Job Briefing (PJB) and Post-Job Debriefing (PJD), for example. PJB involves an interactive discussion where work is reviewed before it is executed. The aim is to increase focus on the task, help proactive thinking and predict any problems that could arise. PJD is carried out after the work is performed. Work is reviewed to see what went well and what went badly. It is a good method of learning for the next time. If you have any questions, please e-mail Anna Tullberg at the Swedish Transport agency.

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