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According to the Paris MOU, ships sailing under the Swedish flag are best at complying with international rules on maritime safety and security. This organisation summarises the results of port state controls around Europe each year and publishes white, grey and black lists. The rank order of flags depends on the number of shortcomings noted and ships detained during checks. In total there are 73 nations included.

”This confirms that we are working in the right way with maritime safety. The most important thing, though, is not that we are best in the world on this year’s list but that we have had an average position of three for many years now. I don’t think there is any other country that can beat that record,” says Tryggve Ahlman at the Swedish Maritime Association, and goes on to explain.

”We talk a lot about safety culture and now it seems that we have also managed to put it into practice. But in reality it is the seafarers on board who do safety work every day who really deserve praise for this.”

Sweden is followed on the white list by Great Britain, France, Denmark and Norway in that order. Portugal and Spain are climbing up the white list, while India and Switzerland have moved down onto the grey list. At the bottom of the black list are Tanzania, Moldova, Togo, the Comoros and the Cook Islands. In August, two cargo ships were denied access to Paris MOU ports due to high safety risks. One was the Togo flagged M/V Porhov, which was stopped for checks off Gibraltar. The second, M/V Jigawa, was stopped when arriving at the port of Genoa, Italy. Jigawa sails under the Moldovian flag.

Linda Sundgren

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