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Now it is possible to do a web-based course in the work environment that the SAN council has developed.
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SAN’s new course is designed for everybody who is involved with the work environment at sea.

Now it is possible to do a web-based course in the work environment that the SAN council has developed. The course is free and is aimed primarily at crew-members. It will also be launched in English before the end of 2011, and a version for foreign flagged ships is under development.
The interactive course, called “A better work environment at sea”, takes a wide look at the subject. The first chapter is about the national and international regulations governing work while remaining parts go into more specific work environment issues and conditions in different departments. The course is aimed mainly at seafarers, but students and anyone engaged in work environment and safety issues at shipping offices can also do it.
“I find it hard to think of anyone in the shipping company that would not find the course useful and the best thing would be if everyone took it,” says Cecilia Österman, doctoral student at Chalmers University of Technology and SAN representative. It is well illustrated and gives a good picture of working conditions onboard.
According to Cecilia, who trains aspiring ship officers in work environment issues at Chalmers, the course suits both recent graduates and those who have already spent some years in the profession.
“Certainly, we teach some of this in colleges, but I am not sure that students are so receptive to all the information when there are so many other things to think about. On the other hand, if they have worked for a while it may be easier to relate to the contents of the course – and it is always a good thing to take a refresher course.”
The course is based on the contents of the Work environment manual for shipping, and anyone who is familiar with the file will certainly recognize the contents of the course. The course can be carried out at one time or on different occasions. Each chapter ends with a number of questions that must be answered before you can continue, but the course is not certified.
”The most important aspect of the work environment is not complying with a certain paragraph, but actually reducing ill health and accidents at sea,” says Cecilia Österman.
Better work environment at sea has been developed in cooperation with Shipgaz training. It can be found at san-nytt.se and training.shipgaz.com. In 2012 there will be a work environment course that is adapted to ships under foreign flags.
Linda Sundgren

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