The new SAN health and safety course – not just theory

Everyone has the right to a good work environment. Everyone also has the right to know about health and safety work, risks in their work environment and how jobs can be done as safely as possible to reduce the risk of accidents and ill health.

The new SAN health and safety course gives everyone the opportunity to get a basic understanding of health and safety work on board. It is free and available on the SAN website without any account or registration, so those who are still in school or not permanently employed can improve their knowledge of health and safety issues. The course has been produced by a working group in the Maritime Work Environment Committee in collaboration with Learnways, specialists in the interplay between education and content in web courses. Digital courses often risk being too theoretical, and the goal of this course was to teach health and safety in a way that can be put into practice. The target group is primarily those who work with health and safety issues in shipping, such as officers, supervisors or safety representatives. Since it is a foundation course, though, and does not require any prior studies, it is also suitable for those new to shipping and who want to know more about how health and safety works on board. The course provides a good introduction to health and safety regulations ashore and at sea, important factors in the work environment and how they can be managed to prevent illness or injuries at work. The course is divided into five parts: 

  • laws, regulations and responsibilities
  • systematic health and safety work
  • organizational and social work environment
  • physical work environments on board
  • practical tasks
You can find the course at the website

Facts are mixed with interactive exercises where you can reflect on issues and practise dealing with different situations. It is easy to move between the different parts, which can be taken either step by step or in any order. The system keeps track of the parts you have completed and what is left. You can do the course on a computer, tablet or smartphone. You can do it as many times as you wish and when all the steps have been completed, you can download a certificate to show you have completed the course. The course is currently available in Swedish and it will soon be available in English. With a simple click you will be able to change the language at any time for those who want to practice their language skills by learning what different concepts are called in Swedish and English. This course is a first step towards improving your knowledge of health and safety issues. We hope it will whet your appetite in this important area. Understanding how a good work environment is created and seeing the connections between the work environment, health and safety as well as performance is necessary to achieve a sustainable working life.

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