This year's SAN prize goes to innovative marine engineers

Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.

2”Work environment measures always require commitment and determination, but sometimes also innovation and technical know-how. And that is something that this year’s winners of the SAN work environment prize have shown lots of.
There were problems with the cold on the vehicle deck on board the ship where they worked . There was no heating system and when the temperature fell below zero, frost started forming. Materials and equipment started to rust and it was an unpleasant environment to be in, for both crew and passengers. Different heating systems suppliers were contacted, but it would have meant an expensive investment of over SEK two million. The prize-winners realized that the problem could be solved without costly external companies. They designed a system on their own where the heat surplus in the cooling water system is piped up to the vehicle deck and spread using the ventilation fans. While the prize-winners did the planning and design, the ship’s repairmen and motormen took care of the installation. Thanks to their splendid work, the ship now has a car deck with a comfortable temperature of about 20 degrees all year round.”
Read more about the prize winners’ invention in SAN News 3-2014.

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