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Work environment notebook for reminders, The SAN website, Preventive work with alcohol and drugs
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sanblockWork environment notebook for reminders
SAN has developed a work environment notebook that can facilitate daily work onboard. It is small and convenient and easily fits into a pocket in your work clothes. In the event of an accident, if a deficiency is noticed or if you have an idea for improvement, take out the notebook and write down a reminder. The text in the work environment notebook is in both English and Swedish and they can be ordered free of charge by e-mail:
san_nytt_seThe SAN website
You haven’t forgotten to visit SAN on the web? Here you can find information about current work environment events, research findings, upcoming events and more. You can also read past issues of SAN News – and all the information is translated into English.
The address is
missbruk_omslagPreventive work with alcohol and drugs
In the publication, Abuse at the workplace – how to work preventively with alcohol and drugs (Missbruk i arbetslivet – hur du arbetar förebyggande med alkohol och droger) there is practical advice on what to do if you suspect a colleague has abuse problems. It can be ordered from the Swedish Work Environment Authority,, order number H420 and costs SEK 120.

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