Tobias Magnusson lists what the crew and officers should remember if an accident occurs:

Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.
  • Inform others of what is happening. This gives a feeling of security to both crew and passengers.
  • Never lie. Don’t say anything you know is not true just to calm people. If you don’t know there is a rescue operation on the way, don’t say it.
  • Get an overview. Try to create a picture of the situation as it is, neither more nor less serious. It may be tempting to reduce the significance of what has happened, but such thoughts counteract good crisis management.
  • Keep calm. Take a deep breath and disregard any feelings of guilt about what has happened. Then you have better chances of acting rationally.
  • Keep an open atmosphere so that everyone dares to give their opinion and question each other’s assessments. The time when the master alone took all decisions is past.
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