Work environment campaign puts the pressure on shipping

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Just over 50 ships were detained and another 240 did not comply with the minimum standard required by the Work Environment Convention. These are the preliminary results from the MLC campaign carried out during the autumn.

The 27 member states in the Paris MOU started a three-month long campaign on 1 September last year. The purpose was to check compliance with the Work Environment Convention, which entered into force in August 2013.

Preliminary results from the campaign, which included 3,671 inspections, were presented in the middle of January. According to these figures, 1.5% of ships had been detained. 6.6% were not up to the minimum level required by the regulations and 5% did not have any procedures for reporting deficiencies. The campaign also shows that compliance with some parts of the Convention is high.

Satisfied with the result
For example, 99.1% of ships had established safety committees and 98.2% had their health certificates in order. The Secretary General of the Paris MOU, Richard Schiferli, gave his opinion on the results in a press release. He is pleased with the outcome and believes that the Convention helps to focus on issues related to the work environment and social conditions of seafarers around the world.

Linda Sundgren

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