”Work environment management is a team effort with at least two participants”

When the Work Environment Act came into force on board ships in 2003, shipping companies and their onboard employees had to learn how to conduct systematic work environment management (SAM). A series of training courses and other activities were started, lectures were held and workshops arranged. Despite the fact that this took place almost 20 years ago, many people still find work environment management on board problematic. For that reason, we have chosen to look over systematic work environment management in this issue of SAN News. With the help of health and safety expert Malin Strömberg at Prevent, we look at how work environment management should take place in practice. It is not difficult, says Malin Strömberg. All you need is to understand how to do it; the employer creates the right conditions and you establish procedures. And then you need collaboration. Remember that work environment management is a team effort with at least two parties involved: ships’ officers and safety officers. Safety officers and managers are not in a conflictual relationship regarding work environment issues; you are on the same team and strive towards the same goal: creating a good work environment. 

A little further on in this issue, on page 7, there is an article about Lars Andersson, who is deputy chief negotiator for the Swedish Maritime Employers’ Association and has been the chairman of SAN for the last 15 years. He will retire this summer and will also leave the chair of SAN. At the time of writing it has not been decided who will be his successor, though there are a number of candidates. We will tell you who it will be in the next issue of SAN News.

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