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Before writing this issue of the newspaper, we talked with future seafarers and we were pleased to hear that they had been so well received during their placements, had learned so much and also had fun. The interviews also showed that not everything is as it should be. The most shocking was an able-bodied seaman trainee, who was told to apply two-component paint without the proper protective equipment. That should just not happen. Two-component plastics are documented as harmful; a risk assessment must always be carried out and the correct personal protective equipment must be used.

During the year, SAN will continue to take up different work environment issues at sea, including medical care, working hours and stress related ill-health. If any of our readers have comments on the articles or requests for what you would like to read, you are welcome to contact

The usual SAN conference will be held in October and we will have more information about that later. The SAN jury would also like to see nominations for this year’s SAN prize. Send your proposals to eva. Finally, we would like to say that the SAN website is going to have a facelift. The new, improved version with a search function and a clearer layout will be launched during the spring.

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Linda Sundgren/editor SAN News

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