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There are several new issues to look forward to in 2017 concerning the work environment at sea. One of them is the large study on the work environment for service personnel carried out by researchers at the Kalmar Maritime Academy. Service personnel were somewhat forgotten by research for a long while, but in recent years there has been more focus on their work situation. It will be very interesting to see what the Kalmar researchers come up with. Another news item which is coming up is the final report of the MLC campaign, which took place in the autumn. You can read about the preliminary results on page 3 of this issue, but we hope to give a more detailed summary when the full report is published. There may also be good reason to return to the theme of this issue: fatigue. Research into tiredness and fatigue is in progress and it is likely that some results will be published in 2017. However, the introduction of the new regulations on organizational and social work environment has been postponed. They were going to be implemented in the summer, but due to other work on regulations (the national regulations project) there will not be enough time. According to the Transport Agency, their introduction is planned for the first quarter of 2018. We will be back with more information as the time approaches. Happy reading!

Linda Sundgren

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