Fork-lift trucks – necessary but accident-prone

Det här innehållet kommer från vår tidigare hemsida och kan därför se annorlunda ut.

2-2005 Bilaga - Gaffeltruck genom skott - 1_sFork-lift trucks are necessary to reduce the amount of lifting and increase efficiency in stores. At the same time, it is the number one machine involved in accidents at work. Statistics from the Swedish Work Environment Authority prove this fact.
Every day there are truck accidents at Swedish workplaces. They often cause crushing injuries to hands and feet, but when there are collisions and when trucks turn over, the consequences can become much more serious. There are over 600 reports made annually of occupational accidents in which trucks are involved, and since 2005 nine people have died in this type of accident.
Mate driven into
Even at sea there are incidents with trucks. On the car deck there is a lot to keep track of, such as goods, vehicles, passengers and staff. An accident that happened in 2011 received a lot of attention, in which a mate was reversed into by a fork-lift truck on the loading deck and was severely injured as a result.
In recent years the Work Environment Authority has taken several measures to try to reduce the number of accidents. Among other things, it has introduced the requirement for a permit to drive fork-lift trucks. This means that everybody who drives a fork-lift truck must first take a theoretical and practical course. After that their employer will issue them with a permit. As well as causing accidents, fork-lift trucks can also cause repetitive strain injuries when they are used for a long time. These are often related to neck problems and injuries due to one-sided workloads.

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